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BaySci maintains a successful track record of working closely with district leaders, principals and teacher leaders, and is positioned as a unique resource as the public turns their attention to transitioning to implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and are working towards achieving coherence between NGSS and the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

BaySci District Networks

This network is composed of partner school districts interested and “ready” to commit to a significant focus on improving K-12 science education. It is our view that for districts to be successful in using NGSS to develop and sustain high quality science programs, the convergence with Common Core must be transparent and essential to all stakeholders within a district. BaySci provides a strategic combination of cross-district learning through leadership seminars and teacher leader professional development, along with in-district implementation through science leadership team development, facilitated planning and targeted technical assistance.

A major goal of the leadership seminars is to develop a collaborative learning community of science education leaders focused on long-range planning for K-12 science/NGSS, critical elements for an effective science program, and thinking about supporting science instruction in concrete ways.

BaySci staff meet with district top leadership to address topics related to milestones, needs, and challenges of a district’s K-12 science improvement effort, including a coherent and convergent plan for NGSS and Common Core.

Combined with a district’s plan for supporting science instruction (e.g., NGSS Implementation Plan), BaySci staff respond to individual district needs through consultation and customized support for these plans, including planning for district-wide professional development initiatives, teacher leaders development, principal support, etc.

District teachers attend summer institutes to support their development as teacher leaders and explore strategic integration of science and literacy instruction (e.g., NGSS and Common Core). Teachers network with like-minded BaySci teachers from partner districts to share strategies, grow one’s classroom practice and build one’s leadership in science.

BaySci Science-rich Education Institution (SREI) Learning Community

SREI Learning Community supports SREIs to improve the sophistication of the support they provide to districts and schools related to implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards. The SREI Learning Community provides a systematic and purposeful approach to help Bay Area SREIs expand their expertise, collaborate with other institutions, contribute knowledge to the field, and catalogue their relative strengths and resources as providers in the Bay Area.